Bridal “get ready with me” images have become a cherished tradition. From sipping champagne with bridesmaids to putting on the final touches of makeup, these intimate moments are captured for eternity. Sentimental Fools and team (see below) spotlighted the lotus bloom co.’s  Butterfly Wedding Cape, with its sheer tulle elegance and delicate detailing, provides the perfect backdrop for these cherished memories. As the bride prepares to say “I do,” the Butterfly Wedding Cape serves as a symbol of the beauty and romance that surrounds her on this special day.

Epitomizing luxury and femininity, with its soft draping and full sleeves, it serves as the perfect piece for a bride’s pre-ceremony preparations or wedding day nuptials.

In a world where bridal fashion is constantly evolving, the versatility of tulle remains a timeless classic. From the pre-ceremony preparations to the walk down the aisle, tulle wedding capes effortlessly transitions from one role to another, adding a touch of magic to every moment. Whether worn as a classic robe or draped elegantly as a bridal cape, it embodies the essence of romance and femininity, making it the perfect choice for today’s modern bride




Photographer: @madelineseriophotography | Photographer assistant: @lbow.3 | Design: @sentimentalfools | Glam: @kfloydmakeup | Model: @hihellocole | Attire: @carinesbridal and other local shops | Tulle Cape: @thelotusbloomco | Location: @goodneighborguesthouse |Shot for the 2024 issues of @baltimoreweds