Featured | Etsy Collection

Tracee Ellis Ross is a fashion icon known for her impeccable style and fearless approach to fashion. She has graced red carpets, magazine covers, and social media platforms with her bold and unique fashion choices. In her latest curated collection on Etsy, she has selected some of her favorite fashion items, including the lotus bloom co.'s Oversized Tulle Maxi Dress.  Tracee Ellis Ross's curated collection on Etsy is a testament to her impeccable fashion sense and her support for small businesses and unique artisans. A few years ago, a business coach asked me to identify a celebrity I’d like to see wearing the lotus bloom co.; Tracee Ellis Ross was at the top of that list, now the lbc is on hers. Such a full circle moment and a reminder that dreams come true.

Featured | Baltimore Weddings

In 2021, Renee Hollingshead photographed the petite atelier for Baltimore Weddings' Maker Space,  which can be seen in the  Spring/ Summer 2022 magazine and on the Baltimore Weddings website. I began working from my home studio, just as the pandemic began in 2020. It's compact and well organized... just the way I like it. But please note that it is much fuller than it was during this photo shoot and it's just about time for a new studio space outside of my residence.    In preparation for the photo shoot, I immediately ordered this fresh baby's breathe cloud from Bohemian Branches. I LOVE baby's breathe flowers and this cloud felt essential for the space. Even after the flowers dried, its presence is a joy when entering the petite atelier. Lee Alexander McQueen is one of my FAVORITE designers. His work and the current fashion house designs are inspirational and motivational. After viewing the McQueen movie at The Senator Theatre, a historic movie theatre in Baltimore, Maryland, I asked for the poster. A few years passed before I figured out the right use for it, but  after cutting out the face I decided  it was a perfect fit for a wall in the petite atelier.

I’m in the Wall Street Journal!

In October 2021, I had the pleasure of chatting about tulle skirts with the fashion editor of Off Duty, The Wall Street Journal. We discussed my personal aesthetic and tips for styling a tulle skirt; however the primary focus was "punk ballerina," an emerging style known for presenting tutus with a whole lot of edge. Check out what I shared in the Style & Fashion article.

"Keep [the outfit] simple, because your skirt will do 80% of the talking."

- Keisha Ransome

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